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What is Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan?

Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan connects adults to quality services that promote and preserve their dignity, independence, and well-being, they also coordinate support and education for caregivers.

The mission of Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan is to provide older adults living with a disability an array of services designed to promote independence and dignity in their homes and communities.  Area on Aging of Western Michigan is The Source for Seniors in Allegan, Ionia, Kent, Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Newago, and Osceola counties.

What services does Area Agency on Aging provide?

  • Planning, developing. overseeing and advocating for in-home care of older adults, especially those with the greatest social and economic needs
  • Contracting with providers to deliver services aimed to keep individuals in their own home as they age
  • Providing Care Management services for older adults, in which a nurse and social worker develop in-home care plans utilizing resources available in the community
  • Administering the Kent County Senior Millage
  • The place to start and get help with Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver

Area Agency on Ageing of Western Michigan is available by phone at (616) 456-5664 or for additional information visit their website at

What is Senior Resources of Western Michigan?

As an Area Agency on Aging serving Muskegon, Oceana and Ottawa counties, Senior Resources strives to be the comprehensive source that meets the needs of older adults in our region.  In addition to care services, Senior Resources offers services that aid in everyday living, assist with senior benefit programs, and support those living in long-term care facilities.

What services does Senior Resources provide?

  • Help navigating and accessing older adult benefits and services
  • Care coordination and management through highly trained social workers, RNs, and community health professionals
  • Primary Care at home
  • Comprehensive care planning
  • Caregiver Support Services
  • In-home behavioral health counseling
  • Michigan Medicare Assistance Program
  • Medical loan closet
  • MI Choice Waiver program
  • Administering the grants for the Muskegon County Senior Millage
    Advocacy for older adults

Who is eligible for services with Senior Resources?

  • Adults age 60+ and adults who are certified disabled
  • Anyone caregiving for an older adult or adult with a disability
  • Reside in Muskegon, Oceana or Ottawa County

Care options can vary and depend on the level of care needed. To help navigate these options trained counselors are available to help identify the services that may be needed.  This free assessment can be conducted over the phone or in person.  To connect with an Options Counselor;

Phone: (231) 733-3585

What is Reliance Community Care Partners?

A community-based and person-centered organization, Reliance provides and coordinates supportive services to help disabled and older adults live as meaningfully and independently as possible.

Reliance Community Care Partners is committed to maximizing the independence of seniors and supporting their loved ones through a variety of services. Eligibility for program entry is different for each of the services provided.

What services does Reliance Community Care Partners provide?

  • Provide alternatives to long-term care in a nursing home
  • Initiate referrals to participating providers to help seniors stay in their home
  • Behavioral Health

Reliance provides services in the following counties: Allegan, Kent, Iona, Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola and Ottawa. Reliance can be contacted by calling (616) 956-9440 or visit their website at

What is Reliance Integrated Health?

Reliance Integrated Health offers integrated health therapy to help overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and develop coping strategies for daily life.  Serving those struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety, therapists and counselors work with you or your loved one, whether that means one-on-one discussions or group therapy sessions.

With their experience and evidence-based tools, they can assist individuals with emotional processing and coping skills.

What services does Reliance Integrated Health provide?

  • Behavioral Services
  • Active client participation
  • A dedicated expert team of medical assistance, therapists, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists
  • A proactive approach that prioritizes sustainability for long-term care and wellness
  • Evidence-based care
  • Coordination and collaboration with other care providers
  • Promotion of hope and self-reliance
  • Participation with insurance plans

Reliance Integrated Health services are designed for adults, individuals and couples who are struggling with behavior health, substance abuse and other addictions. Contact Reliance to schedule an appointment by calling (616) 954-1555 or visit their website at

What is LifeCircles-Pace?

Pace (Program of All-Inclusive for the Elderly) is a nationwide healthcare program that combines medical and social support for those 55 years or older, and meet the State of Michigan’s Nursing Home Level of Care Criteria.

PACE programs have been running across the nation for nearly 50 years. For those who qualify for Medicaid, LifeCirles-Pace costs nothing. If eligible, seniors on Medicare may select Pace as their health plan.

What services does LifeCircles-Pace provide?

⦁ Primary health care in the clinics and in your home.
⦁ Medical transportation
⦁ Activities in the senior day centers
⦁ Rehab therapies
⦁ Medical equipment
⦁ Memory care
⦁ Physical help in your home
⦁ Vision
⦁ Dental
⦁ Hearing care
⦁ End of life care
⦁ Care giver support

*It is important to understand that if one enrolls in LifeCircles-Pace, they must use the physician’s and all other resources contracted by LifeCircles-Pace.

Call LifeCircle-Pace

Muskegon (231) 733-8686

Grand Rapids (616) 913-2006 is AgeWell Services?

What is AgeWell Services?

AgeWell is a nonprofit organization that provides services to those aged 60 and over in Muskegon, Oceana, and Ottawa counties. Their mission invites you to redefine age; to provide vital connections to keep you nourished, active, learning and living independently.

AgeWell services help keep older adults healthy and active through good meals, fitness and creative classes, learning opportunities, rides to medical appointments, and spaces to connect.

 What services are provided by AgeWell services?

  • Elder Abuse Awareness
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Food Pantries
  • Help with Liquid Nutritional Supplements
  • Senior Transportation
  • Wellness Programs
  • Discount Dining Program
  • Lunch and Activity Center

To be eligible for Meals on Wheels provided by AgeWell Services, you’ll need to be 60 or over, homebound, and living in Oceana, Ottawa, or Muskegon counties.  An assessment will determine eligibility and your suggested donation amount based upon your self-reported income.

To be eligible for Senior Transportation participants must be 60 years old or older and must  be able to transfer in and out of a vehicle by themselves (walkers and canes are acceptable). Eligibility is income based.

For more information call:

Muskegon: AgeWell Services (231) 755-0434 or visit:

Grand Rapids: Meals on Wheels (616) 459-3111 or visit:

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