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What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is an important part of providing care for elderly adults who may require assistance throughout the day and can provide many benefits to those who use it.

Adult day care can provide socialization and companionship. Many elderly adults find it difficult to leave their homes and interact with others. Adult day care can provide a safe secure environment for them to interact with others and make friends. This can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation that are common in elderly adults.

Adult day care can provide important medical care and supervision. Many elderly adults need assistance with their medical care such as medication management and monitoring. Adult day care can provide this type of care in a supervised setting ensuring elderly adults receive the care they need.

Elderly adults who use an Adult Day Care can also remain independent.  They will provide assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals. Adult day care can provide caregivers with a muchneeded break allowing them to take care of their own needs and recharge.

What services does Adult Day Care provide?

  • Social activities. Planned activities based on the participants abilities and health conditions. Activities may include arts and crafts, musical entertainments, mental stimulation games such as bingo, stretching and gentle exercise, holiday and birthday celebrations and outings.
  • Personal Care. Center staff can help with the activities of daily living such as grooming, toilet hygiene, walking and feeding.
  • Nutrition. Nutritious meals including special diets and snacks.


  • Socialization
  • Medical Supervision
  • Respite Care
  • Independence

What is the cost for Adult Day Care?

The average daily cost for adult daycare in Michigan is approximately $70, with costs running between $30 and $128 daily.

It is important to note that not all Adult Day Care Centers are the same.  Asking questions about programs and services provided will be important when deciding which center will be the best fit.

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