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What is Guardianship Services?

Adult guardianship services are an important part of providing care for adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves. These services provide legal protection and assistance to those who are unable to manage their own affairs due to physical or mental incapacity. Adult guardianship services can be provided by a court-appointed guardian, a family member or a professional guardian.

To become a guardian it is important to note that training is mandatory and done through the probate court.

Court Appointed Guardian

A court-appointed guardian is appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of an adult who is unable to do so for themselves. The court will consider the individual’s best interests when appointing a guardian and will take into account any wishes expressed by the individual prior to their incapacity. The court-appointed guardian is responsible for making decisions about the individual’s medical care, financial matters, and other important matters. Court Appointed guardians must also adhere to ethical standards when providing adult guardianship services.

Family Members

Family members may also serve as guardians if they are willing and able to do so. Family members may be appointed as guardians if they can demonstrate that they have the best interests of the individual in mind and that they have the ability to make sound decisions on behalf of the individual. Family members may also be appointed as guardians if they can demonstrate that they have sufficient resources available to provide care for the individual.

Professional Guardians

Professional guardians are individuals or organizations that specialize in providing adult guardianship services. Professional guardians must meet certain qualifications in order to be appointed as a guardian, including having experience in providing care for adults with disabilities or mental illness, and being knowledgeable about legal issues related to adult guardianship. Professional guardians must also adhere to ethical standards when providing adult guardianship services.

Adult guardianship services can help ensure that adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves receive appropriate care and protection from exploitation or abuse. It is important that individuals understand their rights when it comes to adult guardianship services and seek out qualified professionals who can provide them with quality care and support.

What services does a Guardian provide?

⦁ Making and attending doctor’s appointments
⦁ Handling insurance issues
⦁ Paying all Bills
⦁ Coordinating with assisted living or nursing homes
⦁ Monitoring bank accounts and assets
⦁ Filing taxes
⦁ Medical Power of Attorney
⦁ Scheduling Appointments
⦁ Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney
⦁ Power of Attorney
⦁ Veterans Benefits

Where do I file for Guardianship?

The Petitioner (person applying for guardianship)will file in the Probate Court in the county in which the ward has his or her permanent address. If the ward (adult being protected) is temporarily in a different county, the petitioner is also allowed to file for Guardianship in that county.  If the ward is admitted to a hospital in a different county for example, you could file there.

How do I file for Guardianship?

First the petitioner must file the petition with the Probate Court, a petition can be obtained either at the court or online. By giving as much information as possible in the petition will help the Judge understand why a guardian is needed.   Doctor’s notes are credible and should be attached to the petition.   You will also be required to sign an acceptance of appointments form and provide a copy of your driver’s license to undertake a criminal background check.

How much does it cost to file Guardianship?

Filing fee: Ranges per County are $175 to $375 per petition

Certified Letters of Guardianship: Ranges per County are $10 – $25 per certified letter

*If you cannot afford the filing fee a fee waiver form is available.

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