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What can a Durable Medical Equipment Company help with?

A DME company, also known as a Durable Medical Equipment company, is a business that specializes in the sale or rental of durable medical equipment and supplies. Durable medical equipment refers to medical devices, equipment, and supplies that are prescribed by a healthcare professional to assist individuals with medical conditions or disabilities in their daily activities.

DME companies often handle the billing and insurance aspects of the products they provide, as many durable medical equipment items are covered by health insurance plans or Medicare. They may also offer delivery, installation, and maintenance services for the equipment they supply.

Senior Care products and equipment are items designed to help  people maintain their independence and safety in the home.

What are some of the products and services that a DME company offers?

⦁ Mobility aids, such as walkers and wheelchairs
⦁ Incontinence supplies, such as diapers and pads
⦁ Assistive devices, such as grab bars and raised toilet seats
⦁ Medication management systems
⦁ Home safety equipment, such as ramps and non-slip mats
⦁ Adaptive clothing and footwear
⦁ Bathroom and shower aids
⦁ Reachers and grabbers
⦁ Hospital Beds
⦁ Pressure-relieving cushions and mattresses
⦁ Electronic monitoring systems
⦁ CPAP with training
⦁ re-ordering of supplies
⦁ Insurance Billing

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