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What is Senior Placement?

Senior placement companies have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing an invaluable service to seniors and their families. These companies provide a range of services that can help make the transition from independent living to a senior care community much easier.

One of the primary benefits of using a senior placement company is the extensive knowledge and expertise the senior placement advisor can offer to the senior and their family. Senior placement advisors help families make well-informed decisions about which independent or assisted living may be the best fit for their loved one. Placement advisors can also provide information such as how to pay for care and how to make sure that a loved one’s wishes are honored.

What Services does a Senior Placement Company Provide?

  1. Assessment and Consultation: Senior placement companies conduct a comprehensive assessment of the senior’s needs, preferences, and medical requirements. They work closely with the individual and their family to understand their specific circumstances and develop a personalized care plan.
  2. Housing Options: These companies have extensive knowledge of various senior living options, including independent living communities, assisted living facilities, memory care units, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). They provide information on the features, amenities, costs, and availability of different housing options.
  3. Facility Research and Touring: Senior placement companies research and identify suitable senior living communities based on the client’s requirements. They schedule tours and accompany the senior and their family members to visit the facilities, helping them evaluate the environment, services, and overall suitability.
  4. Care Coordination: Once a suitable living arrangement is chosen, senior placement companies help coordinate the necessary care services. They collaborate with care providers, such as home health agencies, hospice care, or rehabilitation services, to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care.
  5. Financial Guidance: Senior placement companies may offer financial consultation and guidance to help families navigate the costs associated with senior living. They provide information on available funding options, such as long-term care insurance, veteran benefits, or Medicaid, and help explore financial assistance programs.
  6. Advocacy and Support: These companies act as advocates for seniors and their families throughout the placement process. They offer emotional support, answer questions, address concerns, and provide guidance to alleviate the stress associated with decision-making.
  7. Referrals to Local Resources: Senior placement companies often have a network of trusted professionals and community resources related to senior care. They can provide referrals to reputable elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers, support groups, and other services that may be beneficial to seniors and their families.

Save Time & Money

The senior placement company can also help families save time and money. Rather than visiting each senior care facility in person, the company can provide information on various facilities, such as their amenities, services, costs, and ratings. This makes it easier to compare different options and find the best fit.

Finally,  the senior placement advisor can provide a much-needed source of emotional support. The transition to a senior care facility can be a difficult and emotional process, and a senior placement company can provide a much-needed listening ear and offer advice on how to cope with the changes.

An Easier Transition

Overall, senior placement companies offer a range of benefits that can make the transition to a senior care facility much easier. From providing detailed information on different facilities to offering emotional support, the company can make the process smoother and easier for seniors and their families.

What is the cost to use a Senior Placement Company?

The great thing about this service is that there is no out of pocket costs to the families or clients.  Senior Placement Companies are paid when a client decides to moves in to either an Assisted living or Independent living community.

A good Senior Placement Company will be  informative and unbiased about all of the communities.  Many Senior Placement Advisors will tour these communities with you and help answer any questions that you may have.

If you are not happy with a Senior Placement Company, under no obligation or contract do you have to continue working with them.

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