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What is Senior Care Transportation?

Senior Care transportation services provide an essential mode of transport for those who are unable to drive themselves or for those who may not have access to public transportation. These services provide safe and reliable transportation to doctor appointments, grocery stores, social engagements, and other errands.

Senior Care Transportation services may include volunteer drivers, public transportation, or specialized vehicles designed for the elderly. Volunteer drivers are often available through churches, senior centers, and other community organizations. These drivers are often trained and equipped with the necessary skills to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.  Most Senior Care Transportation companies have specialized vehicles designed for the elderly, such as wheelchair ramps, handrails, and larger seating areas.

Convenience and Safety

Elderly transportation services often provide door-to-door service and may be scheduled in advance or on an as-needed basis. Many services also provide additional amenities such as refreshments, reading materials, and other items to make the ride more enjoyable.

Senior Care Transportation services can provide a much-needed service for those unable to drive themselves. For those that are able, these services can offer a convenient and safe way to get around. By providing Seniors transportation services, we can ensure that our older citizens are able to remain independent and active in their communities.

Types of Senior Transportation

  • Non-emergency medical transportation: provides seniors with access to medical appointments and other medical-related needs
  • Public transportation: for seniors who are still able to use public transportation, there are specialized services available
  • Paratransit services: for seniors who cannot use public transportation, paratransit offers van and bus service that is more accessible and easier to use
  • Shuttle services: for seniors living in retirement communities, shuttles are available to help them get to places like the grocery store and other places throughout the community
  • Senior taxi services: dedicated taxi services that are tailored to seniors are available, providing them with pre-scheduled rides and payment options

While there is no set formula to choosing the right service, being thorough in your research and vetting process will give you the peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is being provided with the best service available.


  • Provides independence and freedom to elderly individuals who may not be able to drive
  • Enables elderly individuals to access essential services like medical appointments or groceries
  • Increases social interaction and engagement by providing access to activities and events
  • Reduces the risk of isolation and depression
  • Reduces caregiver burden by providing transportation for elderly individuals who need help getting around
  • Allows elderly individuals to remain in their own homes and communities for as long as possible

What Senior Care Transportation services help low income and disabled seniors?

Most counties senior millage help fund senior transportation.   Many of these companies are free, low cost, or request donation based on eligibility, which require 60 years of age or older and is living with a disability.  With these services many request advanced notice and may have a waiting list due to the increased needs of Senior Transportation. You can contact your local community organization to help you navigate these services.

There are many other reliable, safe, and trusted Senior Transportation companies in your county that are a phone call away and are ready to help.

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